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A FAQ on Facts
One of the most perplexing aspects of rational discussion is the disagreement over what should be "facts." This essay deals with contradictory "facts" and explores the basic question: Who do you trust?
Computing's Best-kept secrets
On My Brain (poem)
This is a whimsical little poem about a biology experiment that went badly awry.
True or False?
There is so much misinformation on the web, that I wanted to start accumulating corrections on a page which will always be a work in progress (unless I get tired of it).
The Atkins Diet
Atkins' book says it's safe and effective, some on the medical community say otherwise. Here's some info to help you decide.
Credit Report
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Avoiding Frauds and Scams On-Line
Helpful information to help avoid the growing problem of Internet fraud.
Hall of Shame
My Bad Business Horror Stories
An Open Letter to Congress About SPAM
We need some good legislation.
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Update on the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
An alternative to Gay Marriage
The Wisdom of Fortune Cookies
Real fortune cookies I have known


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