On My Brain

Having properly anesthetized my scalp,
And having carefully removed same
And exposed my brain,
I connect such extension wires
And tubes
As are necessary for my brain
To be removed
What a strange sight confronts me
On the table before me--
My gray brain.

I shall disassemble the right side
Since it controls my left side.
Right controls left
And what's left, the right
(Which is what's left).
As I was saying,
I'll disassemble the right, which
Controls the left
And the left will control that
With which I write--
My right hand.

(You too would be confused of your brain were out of socket.)

I will indeed look strange
When I have finished stitching up my head;
But I'm worried that I may not
Have reassembled myself right
Since I have been typing
For the last minute
My right foot.

Kevin (kevin@davnet.org)

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