Reports ... have been highly exaggerated

Today I received a "Notice of Credit Denial" from Dell Financial Services. Here's what they said:

Dear Kevin ...:

Thank you for your recent credit application. We regret that we were unable to approve your request.

Your application was processed by a credit scoring system that assigns a numerical value to the various items of information we consider in evaluating an application. These numerical values are based upon the results of analyses of repayment histories of a large number of customers.

The information you provided in your application did not score a sufficient number of points for approval of the application. The reasons you did not score well compared to other applicants were:

Reported as deceased

Based on what the letter went on to say, I guess even dead people have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if they act within 60 days.

You know, I never thought about the perks you get when you are dead. Young folks pay full price, seniors get discounts--just think of what deals dead folks must get.  I bet you can get fantastic discounts on travel and lodging. And no more income tax and I guess I can stop paying those life insurance premiums. Do they make wallet-sized death certificates? I am just full of questions. The information used was provided by Experian, Inc.

I requested a credit report from Experian, but it said nothing about my being deceased. Go figger.

Kevin (

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