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No, this article is not about sorcery, it's about a boat named Witchcraft which disappeared in the "Bermuda Triangle".

This is an old story of yet another mysterious disappearance in the "Bermuda Triangle" (not an official geographic designation). I came across it working on my page on Facts.

First, the story from a classic "Bermuda Triangle" book:

The incident of the Witchcraft is an outstanding example of lighteninglike sudden disappearance of a small craft not only within sight of its port but while located at one of the harbor's buoys. Dan Burack, owner of Witchcraft, which, incidentally was reputed to be "unsinkable," had invited a priest, Father Pat Hogan, to see the Christmas lights of Miami from offshore on Christmas Eve 1967. They proceeded through calm seas to about one mile from the shore and stopped to admire the lights from the vicinity of buoy number 7. At this point Burack made a single unexpected call for help to the Coast Guard, giving his exact position. It took an alerted Coast Guard vessel only twenty minutes to reach buoy number 7 but when it arrived there was no sign of the Witchcraft. When the search was finally suspended, a Coast Guard spokesman stated, somewhat paradoxically: "We presume they are missing--but not lost at sea." [Charles Berlitz, The Bermuda Triangle: an incredible saga of unexplained disappearances, Doubleday and Company, 1974, p 56-7]

The question is whether the incident happened the way it is described.

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