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The solution of the "glacial blog" has been solved. I now have a real BLOG at BlogOrDie.com. It moves a little faster. kwdavids.net and davidsonclan.org are being dropped, so it's all davnet.org or BlogOrDie.

It's time to cut back the fig tree.

[October, 2005]

Another year, almost. Once a year between entries hardly qualifies as a BLOG. Maybe this is a "glacial blog."

Frequent visitors to this web site (hi Mom) may notice a new web address. If you type www.kwdavids.net, you get kevin.davnet.org. All of your old links should continue to work indefinitely. I'm just changing the structure of my Internet presence and switching web hosting providers. All the old e-mail addresses should continue to work just fine.

My fig tree continues to thrive. I hope you will too.

PS: Mom doesn't have Internet access, so there are probably no frequent visitors to this web site.

[April 2003]

Looks like it's been over a year since I've updated this page (sigh).

I did finally get the high-speed Internet access. My fig tree is growing bigger every year. I continue to be appalled by how stupid I used to be. For some reason emails from this web site have been on the increase. I've been on a massive editing job of cleaning up bad links, bad logic and bad spelling (which is why I'm here typing this).

For all of you told me the world was going to end before today, I was right and you were wrong.

See ya in another year. [July 2002]

It's been ages since I updated this page. The big Internet news here is that they dug up the neighborhood for digital cable and perhaps Internet access will be available in July 2001. Fingers are crossed.

Everybody is older (so what else is new?).

Son Patrick made came in third at the UC Berkeley annual Programming context and will be on the Berkeley teem competing in the National ACM Programming Contest. Son Tom came in first in the 9th Grade Math and Science competition at the Anderson College Academic Olympics. What a go, guys!

I visited Pierre [pronounced "peer"] South Dakota a couple weeks ago. Not a big town, but nice. I enjoyed the Cultural Heritage Museum.

Thanks for the bike!

Thanks to Wendy's Restaurants and Dr. Pepper for the bike which I won in a drawing last week

One addition to this website that I'm very happy about is the addition of exerpts from my great grandfather's diary from 1867. He was quite a man. And while I'm on family matters, you really ought to check out Mom's Pecan Pie recipe.

I've finally "finished" The Field Guide To Heretics in this edition of the web site. Comments and criticisms welcome.

As another way of sharing my interests, I've uploaded my Netscape Bookmark file and added a link to the Home Page. Periodically, I'll upload a new copy (last updated January 2, 1999). This serves the double purpose of sharing it, and keeping a backup copy in case it gets hosed.

Email me?

I seem to be accumulating e-mail addresses. I think there are 18 of now. But just use the one down at the bottom of the page.

The Phone's No Longer Busy

The whole family has gone internet-happy around here. But my son Patrick set up a Linux server running IP Masquerade here at the house. All the house computers are on a local area network and the Linux box multiplexes all this through a dial-up ISP connection. Cool! As a result, the computer phone is busy, but the main phone line isn't. Now how about some DSL here?

Kevin (kevin@davnet.org)

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