My New Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a pretty cool car. Here's some pictures of mine.

The Prius is EPA rated at 60 MPG City and 51 Highway. I'm getting about 52.5 highway with the AC on. I haven't quite gotten the 60 MPG City yet. It has next to zero emissions. Click here to view details from the dash.

The Prius is slinking around the side of my fig tree.
Prius in front of the fig tree.

Front wheel drive
Read View showing tag holder.
Generally uncluttered instrument panel with Package # 9. Note the two glove compartments, one on top of the other. I counted 10 separate storage compartments in the front seat area.
Digital dashboard and touch screen controls (upper right) showing Energy monitor display. The touch screen also had environmental controls, audio controls, GPS mapping, Bluetooth telephone dialing, maintenance records and calendar. Also note controls for radio, phone and AC on the steering wheel.

Also note the dash mounted gear shift lever and the dash-mounted "Power" button (steering wheel 2 o'clock).

Rear quarter.
Hatchback open. Rear seats fold down to carry larger items.

Gasoline engine on the left, hybrid Synergy drive on the right. The orange cables are the high-voltage ones.

Hybrid Synergy Drive.