There and Back Again

(A Far For Lunch tale)

I walked a mile for lunch, and then I walked a mile back.

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The Route There

Housing for the Elderly
and Disabled

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Street Scene

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Hard to see the flame
in the daytime

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Investment Theater

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Say it with

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Reedy River

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Needs work

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Not far from the
first one

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Church Proper

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Bars & Pipes

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Play time

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more bzzt

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Multi-use building

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Custom Crossing

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All Plastic
Inflatable Building

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Just needs a little
fixing up

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Look what I found!

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Ultra-thin church

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Moment for reflection

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Need a Loan?

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no cross

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Southern States
(trust me)

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Pee Wee's

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Almost there!

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And Back Again... ffl42thumb.jpg (6261 bytes)

The 'hood

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Soup Kitchen

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I can smell the sea...

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Time for a
Quick One

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Get back on the
right side of
the tracks

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Can't you hear the
whistle blowin'?

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I come from afar

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2 mi. underground

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Parts is Parts

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Signs of the times

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West End
There is a pile of magazines here!

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Heed the warning

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Greenville skyline

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Gleaming Building

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Electric Company

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Water Works

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Need a new camera?

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walk faster

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View from the office

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Back to Work!
at the Moiré Building

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