Welcome to an experiment in Internet Stamp Collecting. This page is an essay towards developing a hypertext topical postage stamp album. This page is designed to be viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher to avoid scrolling. I'll be tinkering with it as time goes on.

Immediately, it is clear that an actual-size postage stamp scanned at 75 dots per inch looks awful on a computer monitor. I think that 2x looks better. One thing about a web page is great...it can be as tall as one needs it! Another neat thing is that the same stamp can appear on more than one page.

Telecommunications Stamps

French Southern and Antarctic Territories

1965 ITU Centenary

1962 Commemorative of the first transatlantic communication via the TELSTAR satellite.

Inset from cover above

Kevin (kevin@davnet.org)

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